seven layer

Seven Layer Charlotte is a new venture for me.  I have been baking for people for about a year, but I’m eager to get this business officially off the ground! Here is what it is all about, and why I am so excited!

Seven Layer Charlotte is focused on creating custom desserts for events and special occasions.  My sweets are mostly individual treats, and include cupcakes, cake pops, sugar cookies, and French macarons. I have also begun to make some layer cakes for birthdays, weddings, and gender reveal parties. Dessert bars full of a variety of individual desserts are another facet of my business.  I have had companies ask me to come up with several types of desserts for them to use on a dessert bar at an event.

I make a wide array of flavors, and though I have a list of available flavors, I am also willing to try new ones.  I love to experiment with recipes.

The look of the the desserts I make is very important to me.  I think that, particularly for special events, the look of the food served can truly enhance the occasion.  The cupcakes and cake pops can be done in custom colors, and garnishes for cupcakes can also be customized.

Macarons can be colored according to the flavor, or the event colors, and sugar cookies can look like any image you need!

I have baked for many events over the last year, but I am looking forward to truly beginning this business venture! I hope to be baking and creating every day.