New Mom: 20 Things I’ve Learned

This list is certainly not comprehensive, but here are a few things I’m learning as a new mom:

  1. It’s difficult, but I was created for this role.  God made me a mother.
  2. When my son falls asleep, sanity returns (if only for a little while).
  3. He will fall asleep (eventually). 
  4. He will tell me when something is wrong. I don’t need to be paranoid.
  5. My husband is the greatest partner, and was also created for his dad role.
  6. My mom is amazing – because she’s already been through all of this – and because she takes care of Davis (and me) so well.
  7. Friends who are already moms are the best asset and are far more valuable than parenting books.
  8. I need to be confident in my decisions as a parent.
  9. It is okay to rock him a little extra or hold him a little longer. 
  10. Everything that Todd and I said about not letting his schedule take over our lives – forget it!  Sleep is key.  If he needs to go to sleep, we stay home.  Our exhaustion takes over our mental state.
  11. I will never feel completely like my old self again, and that is okay.
  12. Getting back to pre-pregnancy weight is possible, but not easy.
  13. Taking a little time for refreshment is necessary.  Being alone for just a little while (even just a long shower or a trip to Target) makes me love my son that much more (and keeps me out of the loony bin).
  14. Every mom’s experience varies. Try not to judge.
  15. I don’t think I really knew a thing about life until I became a parent. 
  16. I’m sure I will stay naive until I (hopefully one day) have more than one child.  You can’t understand these things until you’re in a similar situation.
  17. I like to make lists more now than ever (because accomplishing to-dos and checking them off the list is that much more gratifying while simultaneously holding and feeding a baby).
  18. I am such a sap. I cry more easily than ever (at commercials, baby animals, you name it). 
  19. I need to be okay with learning as I go. As much as I read and research and plan, I also have to go with the flow (easier said than done).
  20. I will always be his mom, no matter what.  Praise God for that gift. 

Having the responsibility and role of motherhood is overwhelming, exhausting, emotional, painful, heart-wrenching, heavy, and it wrecks you (in the most amazing ways).  It fills you with joy, gratitude, warmth, instinct, pride and humility, pure happiness, laughter, and endless, unconditional love.

These 6 months have been so difficult, but also the best 6 months of my life so far. I thank God for my husband who loves me and holds me up every day.  He is an incredible dad.  I also thank the Lord for making me a mama and for giving me the most precious son.