Charleston Trip and Restaurant Recommendations

Thanks to my parents who kept Davis and Kenan, and our sweet friends and hosts, Patrick and Maureen, we were able to spend a wonderful weekend in Charleston!  Todd had been traveling for work since last Sunday.  First he went to Arizona, then to Charleston. I met him there on Friday, and we spent some time with our friends who we hadn’t seen in a while.  Todd’s co-worker’s wedding was there on Sunday, so it was a perfect weekend to combine that with a getaway.

On Friday our friends took us to dinner at Red Drum in Mt. Pleasant.  We each had fish dishes, and they were delicious!  Maureen and I are both 18-19 weeks pregnant, so we called it an early night. :)

Patrick took us kayaking and paddle boarding on Saturday morning.  Those are some of mine and Todd’s favorite activities, so we were in heaven!  The weather and conditions were beautiful, and it was such a relaxing time.  I spent a few minutes silently talking to God and thanking Him for allowing us this life that we love so much.

kayaking in Charleston, SC

So far, bikinis are more comfortable than one-piece bathing suits, so I’m just rocking the bump! 

Later that day we grabbed lunch and headed to the beach!  It was plenty hot to sit on the beach, and we even swam in the water.

weekend trip to Charleston, SC

He may not appreciate me posting this, but it’s too good not to. ;) 

That night Todd and I went on a date to The Obstinate Daughter on Sullivan’s Island, and then out on King St for ice cream at Jeni’s (our first time) and a cocktail (water for me) at Macintosh.  I will never ever be bored with dating my husband!

Flash-Fried Shishito Peppers with Chipotle Dip; Brussels with Farro (I skipped the farro); (gluten free) Short Rib Pasta – all so delicious!

Jeni's Ice Cream

From left-right: Salty Caramel; Brown Butter Almond Brittle; Bourbon Salted Pecan; Roasted Strawberry Buttermilk

Sunday morning involved brunch at Poogan’s Porch, and a walk around downtown Charleston and the Battery.  It was our first time eating at Poogan’s Porch, and it was a fun experience.  The restaurant is charming, and overall the food and drinks were yummy!  I had a vegetable frittata with fennel topped with a baby kale salad, with a side of grits.  Todd had the chicken and waffles, which looked amazing.

18 weeks pregnant bump picture; brunch in Charleston

18 weeks pregnant; Charleston trip

We couldn’t stop mentioning how perfect the weather felt!

Todd’s co-worker was getting married that afternoon, which is one of the main reasons we made the trip.  Her wedding was outside beside the water, and it was very picturesque.  If you’re looking for a wedding or event venue around Charleston, it was the Creek Club at I’On in Mt. Pleasant.

wedding attire for wedding; 18 weeks pregnant

my dress (only $52, and also comes in patterns and a creamy white)


I also wore this ring from Asos all weekend – I’m kind of obsessed

wedding at Cross Creek Club in Charleston, SC

wedding at Cross Creek Club in Charleston

We arrived back home around midnight last night, and finally got to see our favorite boy bright and early this morning!  As much as we loved the time away together, we truly missed Davis!

Mother’s Day Weekend

This past weekend was full of time with family and friends, and it made me feel abundantly grateful – to be a mom, and to have a wonderful mom, mother-in-law, and grandmother!  It also made me miss my granny more than normal.  As joyous of a holiday that it can be, I know it brings about heartache in some people.  I was praying for those that I know who have lost their mothers, or who are longing to be mothers.

My mom and I spent Friday afternoon together.  She showed me around some cute shops in Fort Mill, then we went to Kid Cashew for lunch (yum!), and we went plant shopping at the Kings Dr Farmers Market.  I am trying to get rid of my black thumb and glean all of her plant knowledge!


That night we celebrated one of my best friend’s nursing school graduation!  So proud of you, Ashley!


Todd’s mom’s Mother’s Day wish was to go shooting and to eat sushi.  So Todd and his 3 siblings took her skeet shooting!  While they were gone, Davis and I went to the farmer’s market. (Can you tell I love local markets?!) Then Davis and I met them at Cowfish for some sushi!  That night my family came by, and we all spent time outside, then went to a big bonfire that our neighbors were hosting.


IMG_0016IMG_0015 (1)IMG_0044IMG_7182


On Sunday I had a meltdown because I have been having a really hard time dressing my new figure.  Don’t get me wrong – I am thrilled to be pregnant, and I love having a bump – but I wasn’t prepared for how quickly I would grow this time!  Plus, pregnancy hormones are just crazy at times.  I probably tried on 15 outfits.  Yikes! We did make it to lunch with my family – ha!  We ate delicious Italian food at OGGI, then relaxed at home.


I love my people, and am just so thankful for the time with them over the weekend.


Our Weekend and a Tiny Pregnancy Update

My mind is all over the place lately.  My neighbor texted me this morning and asked what we had going on this Monday morning.  I said “I’m trying to focus and work on about a million projects.”  She said “Focus?  What’s that?” Haha, exactly!  If I wasn’t expecting, I think I’d over-do it on coffee today.

At least our weekend was productive!  We spent a lot of time working in the yard and made a couple of home decor decisions.  Home improvements are always so rewarding.

I am not planning to do bump/pregnancy updates, but I did snap a picture before running errands on Friday.  I looked rough, but this does show my bump.  This is kind of an embarrassing picture…keeping it real around here!  I was 15 weeks on Friday. And this is deceiving – by the time I go to bed, I look huge!

We will find out if we are having a boy or girl in a few weeks!  Eek!

15 weeks pregnant bump picture

Though I still have some “morning” aka afternoon/night sickness, I am feeling much more energetic lately!  I am not craving my typical diet, but I have loved salads lately.  And I have been buying and eating fruit in bulk.

We’ve been eating fewer grains and dairy, but I’ve had some days when I just couldn’t do that.  If I’m nauseous, sometimes vegetables and chicken just won’t cut it.  I rarely eat dairy, unless burrata is an option, and I haven’t been cooking with any butter – baby steps! I’ve also tried making some paleo alternatives to foods we love.  I will post those recipes and details later this week.

salmon salad

Todd brought home these flowers the other day, just because!

flowers from my husband

On Saturday, we were finally able to celebrate my sweet sister-in-law, Ginna.  She turned 30 recently, so Davis and I made her a “29 Again” cake!  I wish we had gotten a picture while we were out with them!

29 again birthday candles

That’s all for now!  I’m off to work on that never-ending to-do list, and do my best to make this my Monday mantra.

don't be lazy quote

Topsail Island with Friends

Broken record over here, I know, but we love Topsail Island!  It is a home away from home for us, and we were so happy to share a weekend there with some of our closest friends!  We always have a good time together, and it was fun to have our boys join us for this trip.

We played on the beach, and the boys didn’t seem to mind the colder weather too much.  I did, though.  (I am a wimp)!  We stopped at the new favorite donut shop in Surf City – The Fractured Prune – on our way to explore “The Point” at the end of the island.  On our last night we took the boys out for seafood.  One ended up with a spilled drink in his lap, and the other was standing up in his chair and lifting up his shirt to show us his full belly.  But we had a blast!


We tried to get a picture of all the matching chambray boys.  They were so into it – ha! Our attempt at bump pictures was kind of ridiculous, but I love them.  Don’t we look like naturals?! IMG_6746IMG_6758

We had a wonderful time, and were so grateful for a relaxing weekend away…

Especially because when we returned on Monday, we had to deal with a mess.  Literally.  A utility company who was working in our yard busted our underground septic tank with a tractor.  I won’t go into details, but it has been a rough situation. Doing our best to stay positive. If there was ever a time when I needed a glass of wine… ;)

I will be back tomorrow with some Friday Favorites!

Our Easter Weekend

I hope you all had a lovely Easter!  Ours was busy, but we enjoyed a lot of time with family, and time at church.  Here are some pictures from our holiday!

My mom did this bunny craft with Davis…I cannot take any credit for this cuteness. Easter 2016

Decorating Easter eggs with my familyEaster eggs 2016Easter 2016

He was very proud of that green egg!Easter eggs 2016

Finding his Easter “basket.”  I couldn’t find his actual basket, so I stole a bin from his bookshelf. :) We put a trail of cotton balls down the stairs and through the house from his bedroom leading to his Easter gifts.  We called it a bunny trail. Easter 2016

My outfit for church on Sunday.  It was cold and rainy, so no dress this year! I relied on my go-to white dress pants that I think I have had since college.  The chambray peplum tank is the one I mentioned in Friday’s post.  I love it!spring church outfit; white dress pants

Thanks to one of our campus pastors and a sweet (and patient) volunteer photographer, we got some quick, professional family shots after church.  Davis was thrilled about it, obviously. Ha!  It looks like he’s trying to make a pirate face.

Easter family picture 2016Easter 2016Easter 2016

Our Weekend

This past weekend was full of fun and time with family and friends.  We were busy, but it was a good busy.  Lately I have felt such a sense of gratitude for the friends that God has placed in our lives!  We have a circle of people that love us, and we love them and their kids.  It’s an incredible blessing, and I do not take it for granted!

On Friday, Davis was a carpenter. :)  He put on his tool belt and safety glasses from our friends Ryan and Ashley.  I love this picture so much! IMG_4234

On Friday night we watched Charlie Brown Christmas and ate popcorn on the couch. This was one of our advent activities! IMG_4241

Another advent activity was to decorate Christmas cookies with our cousins!  Sarah, Jeremy, Bryleigh, Cam, and Ezra all came over on Saturday morning and we decorated cookies and played outside.  It was such a beautiful day that we were able to eat lunch outside, too.

I used the recipe that I posted about on Friday, and the cookies turned out really well.  They kept their shape, but were still soft.

P.S. I love how Ezra is looking at his Uncle Todd in this picture.  (heart eyes!)IMG_4256IMG_4253

Sarah and I, in our Christmas-colored baseball tees.  Apparently we think alike! IMG_4274

IMG_4281IMG_4278decorated christmas cookiesIMG_4280

Our sweet pup had to go to the vet on Saturday because of some joint pain.  If you have a lab or a golden, you’ve probably seen this happen in your dogs as they get older.  I hate that it’s affecting him already! IMG_4303

On Saturday night we had a team dinner with our Honor Roll Designs partners and friends.  We always have fun with them, and it was great to celebrate!

After church on Sunday, we made nachos for lunch.  It was the perfect football-watching food!  It has been so exciting to watch the Panthers have an undefeated season so far!

I posted the how-to for the nachos on instagramIMG_4288

Our friends Adele and Jeremy invited us to a local parade on Sunday afternoon.  The weather was perfect to be outside.  The parade was quite a small-town experience ;), and we had a great time with our friends!  I wish we had taken a group shot!  IMG_4307

Have a great day!  Thank you for stopping by!

Our Halloween Weekend

This past weekend was so fun!  On Friday night, Todd was out of town, so Davis and I went to ride on a Halloween trailer ride near where my parents live.  They had a neighborhood contest to judge whose house was best decorated.  Davis of course loved being pulled by a green tractor!

IMG_3509 IMG_3511

On Saturday morning we spent some time outdoors with neighbors, then we got ready for our Halloween tradition!  This is the 3rd year in a row that we have gone trick-or-treating with Sarah‘s and Ashley‘s families.  This time Sarah’s in-laws joined, and so did mine and Sarah’s parents.  We ate a taco dinner at Sarah’s and got the kids changed into their costumes.

IMG_0296 IMG_3524

So, getting a picture of that many kids together, when all they want to do is play and trick-or-treat, is not easy ;) Spiderman and the firefighters were not into keep their mask/hats on – oh well! 

This precious boy was a little wolf!  Sarah found his outfit at Gap.  The hood has ears on it – so cute! 

Then we went to my aunt and uncle’s neighborhood for trick-or-treating!  My uncle borrowed a trailer from a friend and hitched it to the back of his jeep.  We rode around the neighborhood on that, and it was so fun!



Though I am not huge on the scary parts of Halloween, I love this tradition with family, and friends who are like family.  We had a blast!  And I finally had some time together with two of my best friends! (Girls night is needed asap!)


Later that night, Todd and I joined some friends next door for a bonfire and drinks.  It was such a perfect Fall day!


I hope you all had a wonderful weekend as well!  I’m looking forward to all of the blog posts of cute Halloween costumes. :)